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What is a hamfest?

In its simplest form, a Hamfest is an event in which amateur radio enthusiasts can get together at a flea market, and buy and sell items of interest. Hamfests sometimes include lectures and trade demonstrations, a significant contribution to continuing education. In nations where volunteer examiners hold primary responsibility in licensing new amateurs, the examinations may be offered to applicants at the hamfest site.

Many hams will travel significant distances to hamfests so as to meet other hams on a social basis.

Hamfests are often sponsored by individual clubs as means of raising money for the purchase and maintenance of repeaters and other equipment. Hamfests of this sort usually occupy one day, but some are significantly longer, perhaps a whole weekend or a number of days.

Hamfests by country



VK2 New South Wales

  • Radio Expo From the Mid North Coast Amateur Radio Group. In January.

VK3 Victoria

VK4 Queensland

  • Gold Coast hamfest from the Gold Coast Amateur Radio Society. In November.
  • Sunfest from the Sunshine Coast Amateur Radio Club. In September.


VE2 Québec

VE3 Ontario

Upcoming hamfests are listed on Ontario Swap Shop and on RAC's event list.

VE5 Saskatchewan

VE7 British Columbia

United Kingdom


United States