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On this page, please link directly to videos on sites such as Hamradiotube, CQtube, Expert Village and Youtube, Livevideo because embedding them will create a large page that takes longer to load. Please do not upload videos into the wiki server. It has the potential to cause problems with copyright owners.

DISCLAIMER Amateur Radio Wiki does not own any of these videos, and does not pretend to do so. If you are the owner and believe that we are infringing on your rights by linking to them, then feel free to remove the link.

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Related wiki page : Antennas

AlphaDelta parallel Dipole by W4GPL

Arrow Antenna assembly instructions by Randy K7AGE

Ozipole kit antenna. Peter VK2EVB demonstrates use of the ozipole.

Steppir 3el yagi installation by 7J1AQH

the W3DZZ Trapped dipole antenna construction video by Mike MoRRQ

160m receiving loop

antenna launchers

Singapore sling - in Garman

Pneumatic launcher

BPL - Broadband over PowerLines and other RFI

  • BPL and HF ARRL announcement showing the dangers of BPL.

Fun stuff

Ham Band Video Cool video sung on a 30m tower

Lego morse paddle

General Information


related Wiki pages: Modes

  • CH17 Radio Amateur Web TV


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Elecraft #6404 is born by Jack VK2CJC

Inside the K2 From F5NGZ

Elecracft K2 QSO between Jack VK2CJC and Ray VK4ZW.

Elecraft KX1 from Jack VK2CJC

Assembling an Elecraft K3 in 7 minutes

Flex Radio

Related wiki pages; Flex Radio Systems

Flex-Radio SDR-1000

Flex 5000 demo at Dayton Hamvention 2007


Related wiki pages : Kenwood

kenwood TS-200 demo from XE1ZVO


Softrock 40m Flex radio TX/RX SSB

Ten Tec

related wiki pages: Ten Tec


related wiki pages: Yaesu

Yaesu FT817

Yaesu FT-950 videos on the FT-950 Wiki



Capacitor charging and discharging

Capacitor dielectric

Testing a Diode

Introduction to Diodes and Thermistors

What is an Inductor from Expert Village

Inductors and their function from Expert Village


Resistor Colour Code

Semiconductors - 3D animation


Transistor Biasing

Applications of Zener Diodes


Introduction to PSK31 using Digipan from Randy K7AGE

Operating with PSk31 getting the best from Digipan from Randy K7AGE

Satelite - AO-51 demonstration By Randy K7AGE

Satellite - AO51 with Arrow antenna by Randy K7AGE


Basic soldering How to do it

Removing solder Using Solder wick

How to solder properly from the Maplin electronics group

Five reasons why solder does not flow.

Test equipment

Using a Multimeter

Using an Oscilloscope

Understanding circuits

AC to DC converter design

Active Diode circuits

Understanding Amplifiers



Spark Gap transmitter circa 1921

The making of a Triode

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