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Posting Guidelines

Be bold

Be bold when editing this wiki: don't hesitate to add your comments in discussion pages or add content in the wiki pages themselves. Create new pages! Make sure they are linked from existing ones, if not the frontpage for important articles.

Alphabetical navigation

The navigation of this site is intended to be largely alphabetical. Please, as much as possible keep to this in each page that you modify. It certainly helps new users and "lookers".

On the other hand, if you just want to drop some useful fact, do so and someone else will come along and tidy it up.

On external links...

This site should not just be seen as a repository for website addresses. The vision for the site is that it does over time, actually become an encyclopedia with authoritative articles, and other articles of interest to hams, such as construction techniques and modifications of commercial equipment for ham use.

If you would like to help with the running and organisation of this site, please contact

Blocked pages

I have blocked editing of the help pages due to large amounts of spam. If you need to edit the pages, please email admin and I can unblock it for you. Apologies for any irritation this will cause.

-- Tim R

Where help is needed

Logo Required

The Amateur Radio Wiki needs a logo. If you are a graphic designer and can design and make one available to the site, your contribution will be greatly valued. Please contact if you can help. Please do not submit logos that do not belong to you. The logo chosen for this site must be released to Amateur Radio Wiki under whatever license gives us unrestricted use. The logo used at the moment is part of one owned by Tim Roberts VK4YEH, and released for use on this site.

Welcoming new users

The How to learn ham radio? page has just been created, but it could use some feedback, both from experienced people and newcomers. It should be a gateway page for inexperienced users that doesn't throw people off guard, but still be a good and accurate reference.

What goes on wikipedia and what goes here

There is extensive documentation about ham in the wikipedia Amateur Radio project. They have good quality pages, especially the Wikipedia:Amateur radio frequency allocation page.

Please do not arbitrarily copy content between the wikis. You can summarize content from wikipedia (or the other way around), but the two wikis have very different audiences and How to learn ham radio? page, for example, belongs here, not on wikipedia. One could also say that the Band plan here could be ditched in favor of wikipedia.

A rule of the thumb here can be that if the content is an answer to "how to", it belongs here. If it's "what is", it belongs to wikipedia, provided it's not too obscure for the mere mortal.

If wikipedians start removing pages part of the amateur radio project on wikipedia, they can find a shelter here.

Please do communicate your work with the Wikipedia:WikiProject Amateur radio.

Structure, structure...

A lot of pages can be reorganised to look better. The frontpage could need some help (see Talk:Main_Page).

Missing images

A recent problem with the server has left some pages without images. If you find that images are missing from pages you are looking at, please report it in the Project:missing images page.