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My name is Tim Roberts, and I live in the western suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. I cannot have a tower in my yard, but am fortunate to have a 20m pine tree against the back fence. I have the centre point of a G5RV at about 10m, and its two arms oriented roughly North-South and East-West. This is provding good tx and rx on 20 at time of writ9ing (2008)

On the roof of the house there ia a Diamond X-7000 (5m above the roof), for local repeater use, a 6 element 2m rotatable yagi and a 1/4 wave 6m vertical.

My equipment includes IRLP node 6556.

My interests include SSTV and PSK31 both on HF and VHF. I and some mates have been experimenting with SSTV over IRLP with mixed success.