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The main objectives of IRESC are to foster efficient collaboration between Radio Amateurs, extending friendships across the world and providing international emergency communications in times of need.

IRESC is a worldwide coalition of volunteer communicators. With dedicated members spread right around the globe, help can be provided at all times of the day or night.

Currently, IRESC has members in at least 35 countries and it continues to grow. Most members are also affiliated to their respective national organisations; for example, the International Red Cross, the Magen David Adom, the Salvation Army SATERN, RAYNET, local ARES and RACES groups and many others.

The IRESC team uses several modes of communication, including HF, VHF, UHF, amateur satellites, and principally Echolink VoIP communications. The trunk systems use the Internet to link communications over vast distances without the propagation and interference shortcomings of radio paths. In this way, a disaster zone and the point of best assistance can be joined even if they are on opposite sides of the planet.

We are always looking for new members in any part of the world, and IRESC is willing to collaborate with all emergency communicators and relief agencies. Being a truly international organisation, IRESC strongly adheres to the principals that bind together the world amateur radio movement; working together regardless of race, religion, culture or political viewpoint.

There is a large amount of additional information on our website [1]. You can register there as a Supporter and seek Membership. You can also report emergencies or seek missing persons using our Incident Database.

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