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Clubs by country

School and College clubs

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Schools - Australia

  • VK3KID Sherbrooke Community School Victoria
  • VK4CCR Canterbury College Radio Club, Queensland.

Schools - USA

  • KB3BRT The Cowanesque Valley School Amateur Radio Club
  • K2HHS Hackensack High School Amateur Radio Club.
  • K3NHC North Hills High School Amateur Radio and Electronics Club.
  • K9SOU Bloomington High School Amateur Radio Club
  • WB2JKJ The Radio Club of Junior High School 22 NYC
  • W4KBR St Aloysisus Radio Club

Schools - Other

ff== Clubs by interest ==

  • BAMARC Bay Area Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club
  • BMHA Bicycle Mobile Hams of America
  • QARCI The QRP Amateur Radio Club International
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