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Ten-Tec is a United States-based firm that makes a range of amateur radio equipment.

Manufacturer's website


Transceiver list

HF including HF + 6m + VHF VHF + UHF base station
Ten Tec Argosy Ten Tec 1230
Ten Tec Argosy 2 Ten Tec 1260
Ten Tec Delta/Delta II Ten-Tec TT526 6m+2m
Ten Tec Omni C
Ten Tec Scout 555
Ten Tec Triton 2
Ten Tec Triton IV (540)
Ten Tec Triton IV Digital / 544
Ten-Tec Delta 580
Ten-Tec Argonaut V
Ten-Tec Century 21
Ten-Tec Century 22
Ten-Tec Corsair
Ten-Tec Corsair II
Ten-Tec Jupiter
Ten-Tec Omni A/Omni D
Ten-Tec Omni V
Ten-Tec Omni VI (Opt. 3)
Ten-Tec Omni VI+
Ten-Tec Omni-VI/Opt 1
Ten-Tec Omni-VII
Ten-Tec Orion
Ten-Tec Orion II
Ten-Tec Paragon
Ten-Tec Pegasus
Ten-Tec RX-340

User Groups


Ten Tec History

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