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These are sponsored by a particular club or association , but may be available to hams all over the world.

Awards Directory Maintained by K1BV

Australian awards

  • VK Antarctic at least 10 confirmed contacts with amateur radio stations in Antarctica.

New Zealand awards

More information about New Zealand awards can be obtained from either NZART awards page or from this PDF Media:NZART_Awards.pdf‎.

Awards available include :

  • CJC award - to perpetuate the memory of Captain James Cook
  • IRAU Region III award - for contacts with region III amateurs. Open to SWL's
  • NZART guiding light award - for contacts within 30km of remote lighthouses and 10km from lighthouses near cities.
  • MIA Minor Island award - for contacts with the minor islands of New Zealand.
  • NZA award - available to amateurs outside New Zealand for contacts with ZL amateurs.
  • NZC award - for contacts with 20 or more different New Zealand counties.
  • NZR Regions award - for contacts wth at least 4 regions and 18 districts.
  • WAZL Worked All New Zealand award - contact with members from 35 (overseas applicants or 45 (New Zealand applicanys) braches of NZART.

United Kingdom awards

  • WOTA Waiwrights On The Air managed by Julian Moss G4ILO. The objective is to make contacts ether from or to the top of as many of the 214 mountaintops in the Lakes (Wainrights) District UK.

Unites States awards

  • DXCC DX Century award sponsored by the ARRL

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