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The following is a list of nets, classified by continent. If you know of some nets in your area, please add them here.


Name Area Frequency Time Days Notes
Ipswich Net Ipswich 146.900MHz FM, 438.375MHz FM (91.5Hz CTCSS) 0800UTC+10 Daily Repeaters VK4RAI and VK4RWM, Net control: John (VK4IE)
Albury-Wodonga 40m net 7.085 LSB 2200 UTC daily Net control: VK3MRH
Wodonga morning net 7.097 LSB 1000 AEST Monday, Wednesday, Friday Or 7095. Net control: VK3AHR
Smoko net VK5, VK3 7105 0030 UTC / 10am VK5 local every day Net control VK5FUZZ
Southern Cross DX Net(1) 14.226.5 1100 UTC every day VK4AAR
Southern Cross DX Net(2) 14.238.5 1230 UTC every day VK6ZAI
Travellers Net (15m) 21.185 0400z every day call back 0500z
Travellers Net (20m) 14.116 0200z every day
ANZA DX Net (2) 14.183 0515 UTC Every day except Tuesday ? Thursday is Ladies Day
Kandos Group National and more 7.093 LSB 0600 UTC (winter) weekdays Summer/daylight savings 0530 UTC, +/- Qrm . Net control: VK2ARK & others
Garam Masala net ? National 7.060 LSB 1500 aest weekdays Net control: VK1CJ
7130 DX net National+DX 7.130 LSB 0930 UTC Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Westlakes 80m NET NSW 3.565 0930 AEST Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
ANARS (1) 14.160 usb 0630 every day Aust Naval ARS - disbanded
ANARS (2) 7.075 0700 every day disbanded
Sewing Circle net Tasmania 3.590 1700 AEST every day may QSY to 7.120 +/- QRM in summer
Barefoot Net 7.170 LSB 0500 UTC every day Net control: VK3VIN
Health and Welfare net 14.315 0800 every day
ANARS (3) 3.532 CW 0930 every day
CW net (slow) National 3.598 1930 - 2000 every day
CW net (fast) National 3.598 1900 - 1930 every day
Gnarly Net National 3.600 SSB/CW 2000 utc every day Morse followed by voice / Townsville ARC VK4RAT
Manly-Warringah RS earlybirds Net 3.590 0630 local daily 3592 on Saturdays
MWRS 40 metre “General” net 7045 or 7085 kHz every day casual net
160m AM Coffee Break Melbourne 1.825 MHz AM 1100 AEST Monday to Saturday was 1.843
Coral Coast net Central Queensland coast 7.060 LSB 2100 UTC every day
Early Bird CW net National 3.539 LSB 2100 UTC not Sunday welcome newcomers and new CW'ers
Comedy Net VK and South Pacific 7.087 2040 UTC / 0640 AEST every day with maritime, emergency traffic first
SARC Dawn Patrol VK2 3.604 0630 (2030z) weekdays Summerland ARC VK2SRC
Mackay Amateur Radio Association Mackay 3.597MHz 0930z Monday VK4WIM LSB
National ALARA National 3.570 1030 UTC Monday 1000 UTC during daylight saving
SARC net Lismore region 3.605 1030 UTC Monday Summerland ARC
Western Victoria net 146.950 FM 2000 AEST Monday VK3RWZ(91.5) repeater, net control VK3DDD
PNG Radio Society PNG 3.568 ssb 0700 Monday
ALARA VK6 Western Australia VK6 3.585 1200 UTC Monday
ALARA National 14.222 0530 UTC Monday 'YL222' DX net
Coffs Harbour &District ARC VK2 3.609 2000 local Monday +/- 3Khz. VK2EP
Hornsby & district 2m net VK2 147.250 FM 2000 local Monday VK2RNS repeater
MERC VK3 432.310 usb 1930 AEST Monday vertical antenna Cas-net
Adelaide Hills ARS VK5 147.00 FM 2000 local Monday VK5RAD repeater
Caboolture Radio Club Net(s) Caboolture 146.625 MHz FM 1945 AEST (UTC+10) Monday VK4RCC repeater, Echolink node 314599
Lower Murray ARC VK5 3.620 MHz LSB 1930 local Monday
Ipswich "Feather Duster" Net Ipswich 146.900MHz FM, 438.375MHz FM (91.5Hz CTCSS) 1930 UTC+10 Tuesday Repeater VK4RAI, 146.900MHz FM and VK4RWM, 438.375MHz FM (91.5Hz CTCSS)
MERC VK3 144.310 usb 1930 AEST Tuesday vertical antenna VK3FSK Cas-net
Rockhampton and District Amateur Radio Club RADAR Rockhampton 3.613MHz +/- 0930z Tuesday VK4WIR
REAST AM Net Tasmania 1.840 0845 UTC Tuesday , Wednesday, Thursday (AM/SSB) off air
Ipswich & District Net 3.585 2000 local Tuesday
BARG 2m net Ballarat Vic and Tas 146.750MHz 2000 AEST Tuesday [VK3RBA repeater] Net control: VK3BML
BMARC (40) 7.120 1000 UTC Tuesday November to March - Blue Mountains
BMARC (80) 3.543 1000 UTC Tuesday April to October
CW training 28.600 1000 Tuesday
Eastern Zone 80m net VK3 3.680 2000 local Tuesday Gippsland & Latrobe Valley ...
Riverland RC net VK5 3.610 LSB 2000 hrs Local SA Tues VK5BRL
'666 net VK2 3.666 2030 AEST Tuesday Illawarra ARS - was the 'Thank God It’s Friday' Net. Sometimes 3.630 MHz
FAMPARC 2m net Melb. 146.425 FM 2000 aest Tues Frankston & Mornington Peninsula, simplex, controller: VK3MMM
Redcliffe trivia quiz Redcliffe peninsula 438.325 FM 1930 local Sunday VK4RRC 70cm repeater (91.5)
Bayside District Amateur Radio Society Cleveland 3.570Mhz 0930z Wed VK4BAR
GCARSI Gold Coast VK4 3.605 LSB 0930 Wednesday VK4WIG
Elizabeth ARC VK5 3.620 MHz LSB 2000 local Wednesday +/-QRM. 4th Wednesday of month. Net controller VK5LZ
Albury-Wodonga ARC 'Little Desert net' Murray River 3.622 MHz LSB 2030 AEST (UTC+10) Wednesday Net control: VK2EWC - or 3.555
Macedon Ranges ARC VK3 147.250 MHz FM 2000 local Wednesday VK3RMM repeater, followed by 3.690 MHz net. Net control: VK3RA
Coffs Harbour &District 2m VK2 146.850 FM 2000 local Wed. and Saturday VK2RCH repeater (123hz)
Boat Anchor Net VK5 3.620 LSB 2000 AEST Wednesday VK5LB
Mid South Coast ARG Lyrebird Net VK2 3.617 1930 localtime Wednesday VK2HQ
Mid South Coast 40m. net 7.065 1930 - 2200 UTC Monday, Wednesday, Friday or 7.165 MHz. Net control: VK2NJP
King Arthur Round Table net Victoria + NSW 70 cm FM 2000 AEST Wednesday VK Linked System repeaters (was 2130 net) . Check for repeater info. IRLP 9503 . Net control: VK3KK
Hornsby & district net VK2 3.608.5 LSB 2000 local Wednesday VK2MA
ANARS ZL Net 3.620 0800 UTC Wednesday
ANARS (4) 3.620 ssb 0930 UTC Wednesday
Riverland RC net VK5 7.078 2300 UTC Wed. and Saturday
Hervey Bay 160 net 1.848 2000 local Wednesday
Brisbane ARC VHF Net Brisbane 147.000MHz FM 2000UTC+10 Wednesday Repeater VK4RBN, Net control: Don (VK4DS as VK4BA)
Shepparton & district ARC VK3 3.630 LSB 2030 local Wednesday or 3640. Net control:VK3SOL
SCARC 10m net Sunshine Coast VK4 28.470 USB 2015 local Wednesday
Chifley net VK2 147.075 FM 1930 local Wednesday VK2RCZ - followed by 439.425 from 8PM. Both 123Hz
BARG 80m net Ballarat Vic and Tas 3.608 MHz LSB 2000 AEST (UTC+10) Thursday Net control: VK3BML preceded by the Clipboard net
SCARC 80m Net Sunshine Coast VK4 3.660 LSB 0930 UTC Thursday
Hervey Bay ARC 3.615 2000 local Thursday
CHARC Tassie devil and trout Net Tasmania 3.585 1000 UTC Thursday may be defunct
CHARC Tas. trivia Quiz net VK7+VK3 3.585 1030 UTC Thursday Central Highlands ARC of Tasmania
RDRC 11CB net 27.205 1000 UTC Thursday
Bendigo 80 metre net 3.655 LSB 2000 AEST Thursday VK3CMZ .. 2030 during daylight saving
Bendigo 6m. net 52.250 USB 2100 AEST Thursday VK3CMZ
Tablelands Radio & Electronics Club "TREC Memorial Net" far north Qld 3.605 0930z Thursday Net Control: Roster VK4WAT/P
REAST dig Net Tasmania 145.225 USB 2000 local Friday digital mode FSQ, check in then 7105 kHz usb at 2030
Aust. Wide Night Owl Insomnia Net (AWNOI) Australia-wide 3.600MHz LSB 1200UTC 10pm AEST Friday Net control: Danny (VK4SD), Terry (VK2MTW), Now available as a podcast
Lockyer Valley Radio Club Net VK4 3.569 0930UTC Friday club is now closed
SCARC 6m Net Sunshine Coast VK4 53.7 FM 0930 UTC Friday
VK4WCH weekly net 3.618 1000 UTC Friday VK4WCH
Bottle shop Net national 3.590 2000 local Friday Net control: VK3MBW
Friendship Net 3.590 2100 UTC Friday
SARC 2m Net VK2 146.8 FM 2000 local Friday on VK2RSC, 123Hz tone. Summerland club
Hornsby & district 40 net VK2 7106 LSB 0900 local Friday VK2MA
Caboolture Radio Club Net(s) Caboolture 3.610MHz LSB 1930 AEST (UTC+10) Friday Net control: VK4QD
Snowy Mountains net VK2 Monaro, Perisher etc 147.375 FM 1930 local Saturday on VK2RSE repeater. Net control: VK2SNO
ANZA DX Net (1) 21.205 0415 UTC Saturday
Darling Downs Net Toowoomba area VK4 3.650 0930 UTC Saturday WAS 3.5875 VK4WID
Stone the crows net VK2 3.588 0600 AEST Saturday (Westlakes ARC) Net control: VK2UI
7025 Sunday CW National 7.025 CW 0000Z-0100Z Sunday 0100Z-0200Z in Winter
Darling Downs (2) VK4 146.750 FM 0000 UTC Sunday VK4WID via VK4RDD repeater
Eastern Zone 2m net VK3 146.8 FM 2000 local Sunday on VK3RLV
Redcliffe Radio Club Net Redcliffe peninsula 146.925 FM 1900 local Sunday VK4RRC 2m repeater (91.5)
Bunya Mountains and District Amcom Bunya Mountains 3.650Mhz 0930z Sunday VK4BAD
VK5 Hybrid Radio net 7.064 0600 UTC Sunday
RDRC redlands VK4 3.618 1030 UTC Sunday
G&SHARS VK2 3.615 1030 UTC Sunday Goulburn / Southern Tablelands
Historical Radio Net 3.575 LSB 2030 AEST Sunday
ALARA YL (1) National 14.288 hourly Activity Day, 6th of each month
ALARA YL (2) National 21.188 hourly Activity Day, 6th of each month
ALARA (3) National 28.588 Hourly Activity Day, 6th of each month
AMSAT-VK National 7.068 0900 unofficial 2nd Sunday November to March
ALARA birthday net National 3.588 1000 4th July

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North Atlantic

Those are maritime nets.

Name Area Frequency Time Days Notes
Waterway Radio & Cruising Club E Seaboard, Bahamas, Gulf of Mexico 7.268Mhz LSB 1245UTC (winter, -1 during summer) Saturday & Sunday (general traffic), wednesday (landcruisers), thursday (winlink), friday (computer net) Net Manager: KN4IG
Caribbean Maritime Mobile Caribbean Sea, Southwest North Atlantic 7.241Mhz LSB 1100UTC Daily not operational as of november 12 2010, according to NP2B Net Manager: KV4JC
Maritime Mobile Service Network North atlantic? 14.300Mhz USB 1200EST to 2200EST Daily See also 14300 networks
Intercon net Continental US 14.300Mhz USB ? ? Not really marine, but shares the same frequency, see 14300 networks

North America (continental)

Name Area Frequency Time Days Notes
TPN - Trans Provincial Net Canada 7.055Mhz LSB (phone or CW) 1200UTC - 2200UTC Daily meet your friends from Newfoundland to Victoria, the United States & beyond
ONTARS - Ontario Amateur Radio Service Ontario 3.755 MHz LSB 1200UTC - 2200UTC Daily Net Manager: VE3ISX Barry
National Traffic System (NTS) USA ? ? ? ?
Northern California Kids Net California 146.910 MHz - 88.5 PL 1900 local Saturday Net Control: KI6ZON
Coachella Valley Amateur Radio Club Coachella Valley and southern Mojave Desert, Southern California 145.200 MHz - 131.8 PL 1900 local Thursday Net Manager: Maureen K6BSC
Desert Radio Amateur Transmitting Society (Desert RATS) Coachella Valley and southern Mojave Desert, Southern California 146.940 MHz - 107.2 PL 1830 local for Amateur Radio Newsline; 1900 local net Monday Net Control: Bob KO6TZ
The Condor Connection Arizona, California List of 1.4 cm repeater frequencies by area 1900 local Monday Net control on a rotational basis
PAPA System IRLP serving Southern and Central California Analog and D-STAR supported List of net frequencies and times Times and days vary Saturday 2000 local analog net control: Cliff, KJ6CDA

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