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Antennna wire catenary calculator from Owen VK1OD

Cubical Quad From N6ACH

Dipole calculator From the Larkfield Amateur Radio Club.

Dipole and inverted V calculator from the Carolina DX association

EH Antenna calculator from IW5EDI

Ground Plane antenna (Quarter wave) From Computer Support Group

J-Pole calculator From K4ABT

Loop antenna Dimension calculator from KA1FSB.

Slim Jim calculator from M0UKD

Vertical Antenna From Computer Support Group

VSWR calculator from Owen VK1OD

Yagi: Three element beam From Computer Support Group

Yagi: Seven element beam From Computer Support Group


Half wave 4:1 coax balun From G8AJN.

Narrow band Balun calculator

Circuits and components

Antenna Tuner circuit for a parallel LC antenna tuner from Crystal radio EU.

LC Filter design From York University

Highpass and Lowpass filter calcultor from WA4DSY.

Inductance calculators

Parallel resistors Calculate the total resistance of up to 10 parallel resistors. From G8AJN.

Reactance calculator from Electronics 2000

Resistors, capacitors, coils, attenuators From SM0VPO.

voltage divider calculator from Clarkson University

EMR Safety Compliance (USA, Australia and New Zealand )

EMR Safety Calculator ARRL/FCC, ACMA and New Zealand NZS2772-1999 Standards from David Burger VK2CZ / K3HZ


Coaxial line loss calculator From the Orchard City Amateur Radio Group

Line Loss Calculator from VK1OD


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Unit Conversions

Metric <-> Other

Most common metric conversions from World Wide Metric

Convert just about any unit you care to name from

gridsquare calculator to ## ## ## ## ## accuracy eg QG62LL23VK from QTH map

Miscellaneous Calculators

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