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* Radio and Electronics School.

Staffed by volunteers from all walks of life and from all over Australia the Radio and Electronics School was established in 1998 by Ron Bertrand VK2DQ. With it's registered office located on the Queensland Gold Coast, the Radio and Electronics School services all Australian States and Territories.

The Radio and Electronics School provides courses to get you on air with either the Standard Licence Multi-Media Course or the Advanced On-line Course.

You can study for the Standard Licence using a proven self administered Multi-Media Course in the comfort of your own home. This course is supplied on two CD ROMS, and is an easy short course which lasts from 4-5 weeks duration. The course is designed to get you on air "FAST", with the minimum amount of fuss, covering standard theory and regulations.

E-mail support is provided with the Standard Licence Multi Media Course with inquiries answered within 24 hours, usually less.

You can also study for the Advanced Licence with the Radio and Electronics School. The Advanced Licence On-line Correspondence Course consists of 20 assignments plus revision and exam preparation and usually takes about 6 months at 1 assignment per week to complete or about 3 hours a week study for the average student.

This course is designed for those who hold their Standard Licence and wish to upgrade and is done via on-line E-mail correspondence with a facilitator. Turn around times for assignments is usually 48 hours or less.

Note that the school does not provide courses for the Foundation Licence or for the Practical Assessment. A checklist for the latter is provided on the school web site however.

For more information on courses and for pricing please visit the school web site or contact the course manager.

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