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Club Wikis

Related wiki page is Clubs.


  • BCWARN British Columbia Wireless Amateur Radio Network


Electronics Wikis

Equipment Wikis

Mode Wikis

Related wiki page is Modes.

  • APRS wiki. APRS allows users to report their current position over radio. There is also an APRS page on this wiki.
  • APRS - Japanese language
  • D-Star UK Wiki Focus on UK owners and users of D-Star repeaters
  • D-Star Wiki Owned and operated by the Ottawa Amateur Radio Digital Group (OARDC) to help new users of D-Star radios.
  • IRLP wiki Dedicated to collaborative solutions and discussion about IRLP.
  • QRP Wiki Whilst not strictly speaking a mode this wiki has a wealth of information about QRP, so is worthy of inclusion.
  • QRPedia for QRP and amateur radio homebrewing information.

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