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A user group is an online community of people with similar interests. It is used to share ideas, ask and solve questions, and take advantage of the rich collection of resources that people in the group have.

Many have international memberships. Others are more local and deal with local issues or are focused on the needs of a particular community.

Many can be found on group hosting services such as Yahoo or Google. Others can be found with search engines.

One can participate in a group by e-mail, or by reading the discussion on the group web page, or both. Group discussions are usually searchable.


  • SteppIR For users of the SteppIR, MonstIR, BiggIR and SmallIR antennas


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Soldersmoke Radio experimenters discuss workbench projects.


Related wiki page: Kits

  • Elecraft, intended to augment the Elecraft discussion email reflector.
  • Elecraft K3. For discussion about the Elecraft K3/10 and K3/100 transceiver kits.


Related wiki page Modes

  • Digital radio. dedicated to digital radio modes, software, rigs etc.
  • D-Star gateway For discussions between D-Star admins and users about controllers, software and gateways.
  • D-Star APRS For discussions about D-Star/APRS interoperability.
  • Echolink. For discussion about Echolink software.
  • FDMDV Designed to assist all those Amateur Radio operators interested in operating HF digital voice using Frequency Division Multiplex Digital Voice (FDMDV). Within this group are sources and files for controlling your station via remote control.
  • IRLPFor IRLP node owners and administrators. Related wiki page IRLP
  • Optical DX For those interested in optical transmission.
  • PSK31. For discussion about software techniques related to PSK31 transmissions.
  • WSPR Discussion group for experimental propagation software WSPR.


Related wiki page Software

  • Cocoamodem For users of the Macintosh Cocoamodem software package.
  • FTBasic CAT control software from G4HFQ
  • FTP_widget Widget for sending sstv pictures to a website page.
  • Mac APRS For Mac and apple users running APRS, packet and digital modes
  • MMSSTV For users of MMSSTV slow scan software.



  • CB2HAM Conversions of 27Mhz CB radios over to the Ham bands. - 'Hands ON' QRP CB conversions.


Flex radio


  • ic706 for users of the Icom IC-706 series of transceiver.
  • Icom IC-706MK II. For users of the IC-706MK II, but discussions include other models in the series


  • Kenwood TS-2000 The Kenwood TS-2000 is an all band all mode transceiver oprating in HF/VHF/UHF bands including 1200MHz.
  • TS 520 and TS820 and TS 530 and TS 830


  • Tait Radios For users and those interested in programming Tait radios.



  • FT-7 user group For owners and fans of the Yaesu FT-7 transceiver and the FL-100 amplifier.
  • FT-817 For the Yaesu FT-817 QRP HF/VHF/UHF rig

SDR receivers/transceivers

  • SDR-IQ 500Hz to 30MHz receiver.
  • SDR-14 receiver and spectrum analyser.


  • ICDX For those interested in DX related to UHF and VHF television and FM radio
  • VK Repeaters For developers, designers, builders and operators of repeaters in Australia.

Mods (modifications)

  • Amateur Repairs. For those interested in repairs to and modifications of amateur radio equipment.

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